Apex Payroll, Here Are Your Articles for Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Bracket Changes and More From the IRS

Washington is abuzz with talk of tax reform, although there’s no certainty what, if anything, will happen. But the IRS is proceeding, for now, as if 2018 will be business as usual. Click through for bracket and deduction changes.

Is This Your Situation: Doing Background Checks

Employers can perform all kinds of background checks on current and prospective employees, but must follow stringent federal rules. Click through for an introduction to EEOC and FTC regulations.

See Your Way Clear to Offering Vision Benefits

It may not be up there in importance with standard medical insurance, but a vision plan can keep employees happy and make your company more attractive when recruiting. Click through for a primer on offering vision benefits.

7 Employee Award Programs to Boost Morale

Looking for great ways to make your employees feel appreciated? A happy workforce is a more productive workforce. Click through for seven award programs that are guaranteed to boost morale.

How Small Businesses Can Use Newsletters

A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships with customers and prospects — and even for recruiting. Click through to see how a newsletter can increase your awareness of your company.

Local Entertainment And Events Calendar

You’ll always know where the fun’s going on with our interactive local events calendar featuring social sharing, images, videos and ticket links. Click through to see what’s happening or to add your own local events.